Feature for Bulk Download Course Documents

Idea created by nn23054 on May 22, 2018
    Under review


    We received an interesting idea from a student of the University of Groningen who described it as follows:

    "I would like to suggest a feature for Nestor: It would be very helpful if students (like me) could download all documents uploaded to a course at once as a zip file.


    Sometimes a lot of documents are uploaded by the teacher (which I of course really appreciate), but it takes a lot of time to download them all manually one by one as I do currently, as I would like to have them downloaded to my computer for future reference.


    Ideally, in this feature the folder structure at which the documents are presented in Nestor is maintained when downloading all files as a zip file."


    In short:

    So, concretely, the idea would be to add a feature that would enable students to download all documents from a specific course in bulk. Preferably including all directory structures as they exist in the course itself, like the student already suggested.


    We would like to hear whether this is possible!

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