Better plagiarism evaluations for Safe Assign Originality Reports

Idea created by blackboardconsult on May 21, 2018
    Under review

    A faculty using Originality Report can find many examples of similarities in "another students paper", instead of an external link if there is one, to the source of the similarity.  After multiple discussions with Bb tech support, in order to get to the source of the external link, faculty have to select and resubmit the student's papers- often 3-4 times to get to an original external link, in order to evaluate any plagiarism. This is untenable for faculty with many papers to grade as it takes way too much time.  This is a request for Bb to modify this Originality Report to make it more faculty user friendly to evaluate for plagiarism, without having to go through the process of resubmitting multiple times to see any external source.

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