Large Administrator Archive/Export Package Uploads

Idea created by kyle.wright on May 17, 2018
    Under review

    Learn prohibits file uploads of any kind if their size is larger than the value set for the bbconfig.fileupload.max.filesize configuration in the file.  This value is not exposed or editable in the GUI at all, and even if it was it would require a restart for it to take effect.  It seems silly that archive or export files being uploaded by System Administrators are subjected to this limit when there's already a configuration in System Admin > Course/Org Settings > Default Course/Org Sizes that limit package sizes and course quota sizes.  Obviously this backend value can be changed quite easily if self hosting your own system.  However if the system is manage hosted or is a SaaS deployment, it requires opening up a support ticket to request the package be restored via the backend batch_ExportImport script.  This could result in a much longer turnaround time as what could have taken only an hour or less might now take a day or two for the request to be fulfilled.


    Request: Please make archive & export file uploads initiated within the System Admin panel able to ignore this limit.  Whether that's in general, a new permission, or something hard coded to the System Administrator system role is fine as long there's a way.  This will go a long way towards making this process completely self service.  Do not enable package uploads made from within a single course able to ignore this limit as instructors or course builders might not understand the ramifications of uploading such a large package.  

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