Rubrics - Transfer and Copy

Idea created by feeney.linda on May 16, 2018
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    Two ideas...


    Idea #1

    It finally happened. I am surprised that it has not happened sooner.

    This semester I had in my class - 2 Kaylas, 2 Emilys, 3 Michaels, 2 Matthews, and 2 Saras.


    I had downloaded their final project papers to make comments on my local laptop and save a PDF version of each commented paper to upload to the students as a supplement to the completed rubric.


    I logged into Blackboard, went to Needs Grading and pulled up ungraded assignments for Emily #1. On my laptop, I had open the paper for Emily #2. I completed the rubric associated with Emily #1 based on the work of Emily #2. When I went to grade the work for Emily #2, I discovered my mistake.


    It would have been so nice to be able to reassign the completed rubric mistakenly associated with Emily #1. Instead, I had to do a lot of copy/paste to save and manually transfer what was written.


    Idea #2

    Very closely related to Idea #1. My students often make the same mistakes again and again (e.g., spelling and grammar errors, forgetting to write an introduction and conclusion). It would be really nice to be able copy a completed rubric from a repository or from one student to another.

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