Unique ID for columns created with Grades Journey

Idea created by sl0071110 on May 16, 2018
    Under review

    Having created a new gradeable item through the Grades Journey "gradableItemsAPI", you might need to edit it from time to time. Currently you can do this by sending a new API call with some of the fields changed but keeping the column name the same (ie it treats the NAME as the unique identifier).


    Reading the documentation for the API:



    under "Gradable Item Provisioning Check" it says:

    "Update Matches By Metadata: Adds items on first pass and updates them based on match of the value stored in a metadata attribute called "Type" included in the optional data list of the item input data record during subsequent imports."


    If this did work, the item's unique identifier could be an alphanumeric code separate from the name (useful if you actually wanted to update the name for instance). We have tested this and unfortunately it doesn't function. Would be great if we could have this feature.

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