Faculty option to allow student to continue attempt on Tests

Idea created by srichter on May 15, 2018
    Under review

    Similar to the Allow Additional Attempt button that is available to faculty, we would like the ability for faculty to allow a student to continue an existing attempt on a Test. This would be necessary if Force Completion was on, and the student was kicked out of the exam, clicks submit prematurely, or if a timer is in place and the student needs additional time to complete the exam.


    I foresee it working like this:

    1. Student is kicked out of exam due to technical glitch or timer auto-submit, or submits prematurely
    2. Faculty accesses Grade Details page
    3. Faculty clicks a "Continue Attempt" button next to the attempt they wish to extend
    4. If there is a timer set, Blackboard prompts faculty with a message describing how long the student had already been in the exam, the time limit currently set, and asks if the timer should be extended (or if auto-submit should be disabled for this student, if it's on)
    5. Student is able to access test again and continue existing attempt


    This would be really helpful for increasing student satisfaction and success, and reducing the anxiety of both faculty and students. It is very stressful and burdensome to have a technical glitch at the very end of an exam, when you click Submit and realize your connection just dropped, or halfway through a final exam when your browser crashes, only to learn that you will have to start over completely.


    We generally counsel our faculty to leave Force Completion off, which reduces these incidents, but does not eliminate them entirely. However, the addition of a "Continue Attempt" option would allow faculty to decide for themselves whether it should be enabled, and allow them to make a judgement call on whether an individual student should be allowed to continue or not.

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