Playback Speed

Idea created by sutterw on May 10, 2018
    Under review

    Please create a feature to allow students to increase the playback speed of lectures.


    I am currently taking an MCAT prep course through Princeton Review and the lectures are about 4 hours each. Having the ability to speed up the videos is an essential feature for effective studying (as discussed with other students at UC Irvine). There are many studies that show how information retention is still capable at increased lecture speeds of up to x1.5 (which I will not link here, because my argument for the effectiveness of increasing playback speed stands outside of the ability to retain information at increased speeds). Here is that argument: When lectures are as long as 4 hours, there are many moments within the lecture that are unimportant to many students. Examples of this include when another student asks a question about a concept that you already understand, when a lecturer gets off topic, breaks within the lecture, etc. The most effective way to cut these time wasting moments out of the lecture is to skim through them at a speed in which you can still hear and comprehend what is being said. This assures that you do not miss any information and allows you to continue normal playback speed at the exact moment you need to. If you skip forward (which is currently the only method available in Blackboard Collaborate), instead of fast forwarding while still listening, you can easily miss important information in the lecture. It’s very surprising that playback speed is not already and option in Blackboard Collaborate, because as I previously stated, it is such a key component in getting through lectures efficiently. If you are someone that can make this change happen at Blackboard, please read this and consider making it happen. Thank you!

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