Default Sort Order for Terms in My Classes

Idea created by mf31047 on May 8, 2018
    Under review

    Currently the Default sorting order for terms in my classes is 0-9 A-Z which while easy to setup leads to issues like 2018 classes appearing after 2017 classes. In practice a student would want their current classes at the top of the page.


    For example Term 1 2017 Comes before Term 2 2017 and Term 1 2018 comes after Term 1 2017 but before Term 2 2017


    Listing a basic term list will appear in the following order


    Term 1 2016

    Term 1 2017

    Term 1 2018

    Term 2 2016

    Term 2 2017

    Term 2 2018

    Term 3 2016

    Term 3 2017

    Term 3 2018


    And no variation of the order of the wording will provide substantial improvement, the goal would be to have Term 1 2018, Term 2 2018 and Term 3 2018 at the top.


    To allow this to happen my preference would be to change the sort order based on Term start date (Newest to Oldest) thus the newest term is always at the top followed by the previous term and so on, this means you can name the terms in any manner you like with the understanding that the newest term is always first for your students (by default).

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