Stopping Recordings

Idea created by ad0068934 on May 2, 2018
    Under review


    This semester we have had this problem several times.  An instructor records their Bb Collaborate Ultra live session and then leaves the room without stopping the recording.  One of the students in the Bb Collaborate Ultra live session forgets to leave the live session on their computer and stays in the room for 2-3 days.  This causes the recording to keep running that entire time and causes the recording to be over 48 hours long, which prevents it from publishing in the course. 


    To recover this recording, we have to fill out a ticket with Bb Support and it gets escalated to Tier 3 support.  While the recording can usually be recovered, (understandably) it takes several days for them to recover the recording.



    Automatically stop the recording after an instructor leaves the session.  Or automatically stop the recording after some reasonable amount of the time (e.g. 4 hours?).  This would prevent from a Bb Collaborate Ultra live session recording from lasting over 24 hours.

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