Warn students when exams cannot save answers.

Idea created by lowey.kevin on May 1, 2018
    Under review

    Students should be warned within 30 seconds whenever test are unable to auto-save answers, in ALL situations.


    Currently students are only warned if the Auto Save is unable to establish a network connection to save the answers. It tries three times to auto save, then if unsuccessful it displays a popup warning to fix the network connection.


    However, there are other situations that are not generating this warning. For example, a student taking an "open book" test might open their course in one window and the test in a second window. In that situation, if the student selects "logout" in the course window, they may try to continue the test in the test window. But that session is also logged out. The auto-save attempts to keep saving the answers, and fails because the student is logged out. HOWEVER there is no indication to students that this is happening other than the fact that the button stays at "Save Answer" (it didn't even go to the red "Answer Not Saved").


    It looks like the logic to display the popup warning is tied to the part that tries to establish the network connection to Blackboard. This logic should be moved so that the popup warning is displayed ANY time the automatic "save answer" fails after 30 seconds. It should cover the case where the student logs out, or the test times out, or all the other cases where the student might think the test is being answered but it has actually disconnected from Blackboard.

    Product Version (if applicable):0