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Idea created by ks22582 on May 1, 2018
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    We've had a request from faculty for more options on the test questions:

    -Ability for students to upload files on question types other than "File Response" (such as numeric, multiple choice, etc).  This is so that the question can still be automatically graded, however the student could show their work and get partial credit and/or instructor feedback.

    -Inline Grading option on test questions (such as uploaded "File Response")

    -Safe-Assign option on files uploaded to a test question

    - Having questions that allow multiple numeric questions.  For example, we often want the students to solve for both price and quantity (two answers).  Right now, I can only ask them about one of those.


    Additional Requests:

    -Having the option for all assignments to be automatically submitted at the due date would be helpful for me.  I teach 200 students in a section and students frequently forget to submit their assignment/test.  I could just not provide credit for that, but that turns out to be a big pain because of student complaints.  Having the option to force all submissions at the due date would save me about 20-30 minutes a week. 

    -I occasionally use peer review, but it would be helpful if we had the option to allow students to participate in the review even if they did not submit.  I want to grade students for both submission and reviews, and students who fail to submit cannot participate in the reviews, so they lose all of the points on the assignment.  In my classes, the peer review process is important for learning, so I would like to allow them to do the review even if they do not make an initial submission.


    Please let me know if you need any additional information.

    Thank you,

    Rachel Bungo

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