Condition Release: Additional Criteria

Idea created by tk0054350 on May 1, 2018
    Under review

    How about creating a test that has, let's say, 3 attempts allowed but for which we could apply a specific timeframe between each attempt?


    In our case, our courses don’t have specific start date and end date, students enroll at any time and can take the first test attempt whenever they are ready so we cannot play with “specific dates” as release condition.


    Having this option of selecting how long we would like the students to wait before being allowed to take the second and third attempts, would be really helpful for us.


    There might be 2 options here:

    1. One test with 3 attempts allowed where the second attempt could not be taken, for example, 7 days after the first attempt has been submitted and the third attempt could be taken only 7 days or more after the second attempt.
    2. 3 different tests with only one attempt each but the 2nd and third tests would not be released/viewable to students before a specific delay (in terms of days or hours) after the previous one would have been submitted.
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