Collaborate Ultra join session button in the edit panel

Idea created by resource.production on Apr 22, 2018
    Under review

    Since the latest updates to Collaborate Ultra in April (18.4), a number of teaching staff have highlighted confusion experienced when they click on the scheduled session link. It now opens the edit panel, with buttons at the top to join the session or dial in. However, these buttons are not seen with the required immediacy when wishing to join the session. It appears to the staff member that they have simply entered edit mode.


    Whilst it is understood that clicking on this link conveniently gives you the one-click option to join a session or edit the session, initially, it can be confusing, prompting the user to close the panel.


    The one-click option is a nice feature, however, perhaps it could be laid out differently. For example, when this panel opens, the join session buttons appear beneath the session title field where the cursor is active. It would make more sense for the join session buttons to appear at the top, and not in the middle of the edit options. Could the join session buttons appear in a more clearly defined section of this panel, and highlighted in such a way that the eye is immediately drawn to them?

    Product Version (if applicable):1