Change branding in SaaS Daily Email Digest from Blackboard to institution specific branding

Idea created by sgardner on Apr 19, 2018
    Reviewed by Product Management

    Email digests in SaaS are branded with a Blackboard logo and link. This is a major change from the current version of the digest on Q4 2016 CU6, which is text-based and not branded at all, other than the changes we have made through our custom language pack.


    We would like to be able to replace the large Blackboard logo with our own logo and the link to Blackboard, to our own website.


    We have been told that this is not possible to do through the UI and not allowed at the backend because when SaaS upgrades and restarts are done all custom changes at the backend are removed.


    We would like to see the email digest branding changes made possible from within the UI.


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