Cloud profiles should support mobile photos in vertical/horizontal orientation

Idea created by ru37067 on Apr 16, 2018
    Under review

    We use Blackboard's cloud profiles for user profiles.


    Some instructors ask each student to upload a portrait or "head shot" photograph as their avatar, so that it's easier to identify their classmates in discussion boards and similar peer-to-peer content in Blackboard. As you might expect, many of those students will promptly pull out their smart phone and upload a selfie.


    Unfortunately, Blackboard cloud profiles do not support all photo orientations, and many students have wound up with avatars that display either sideways or upside down. These photos display correctly in most software other than Blackboard cloud profiles.


    If I had to guess, Blackboard may not be respecting the EXIF rotation data that some phone brands store on JPEG files.

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