Display Reusable HTML Objects inline in Ultra content

Idea created by ar0044571 on Apr 16, 2018
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    Learn Original allows you to display HTML Objects created in Blackboards editor inline within content in the course (content items, assignment directions, discussion forum directions, test directions, etc.). The HTML object contents appear within that area of the course (like an iframe of an html page does).

    My institution has been using HTML Objects to create a course that hosts master/standardized course content for each online course we offer. Most of this content "lives" in HTML objects that display inline in the course content. We copy this master course shell for every section of a given course so that the copied shells link to the master shell's HTML objects. This allows us to make revisions (example: fix broken links, edit typos, make minor revisions) in the master that appear in all of the live course sections of that course, rather than editing the same error in all of the sections one-by-one. This is a huge time saver.

    The following image shows a content item that displays content from an HTML Object. Editing the item shows what looks like a link to the HTML object that contains the content. Revisions to the content must be made in the corresponding HTML object that lives in the course content collection.

    The item displays the HTML object's contents inline in the text area. This is demonstrated in the image below.


    It is also useful for displaying the same information in several places within a course consistently. You can make revisions in the HTML Object and they automatically show up anywhere this HTML object is displayed. Examples of this might include repetitive directions for posting in the discussion forum, or directions for an ongoing project that are displayed in several units of a course. This saves time because edits can be made in just one place (in the corresponding HTML object) for all instances of the information.

    Ultra just allows you to provide a link to HTML Objects but you cannot display them inline. This requires learners to make extra clicks to access the information they need. It is not visually appealing. Losing the ability to display HTML objects inline is a huge loss of functionality, especially for institutions who use a master course model for the course content.

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