Collaborate Ultra - Breakout Room Chat.

Idea created by sb0047778 on Apr 11, 2018
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    On behalf of Lee County School Board:


    This is similar to the two threads below:



    When a moderator is moving between Breakout Rooms in Collaborate Ultra, the chat messages that were sent before and during their absence from the Group is erased.


    This is frustrating for moderators who would like to see what conversations were held in the Chat during their absence.

    How can they monitor each group's work if they cannot catch up between.


    The only viable workaround would be to copy the guest link into multiple different browsers/incognito windows so the sessions aren't cached and then jump between windows when they want to monitor a new group. (This would render Voice Chat useless though on one PC for obvious reasons)


    If there is any ETA or expectations that we can look forward too, it'd be appreciated.



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