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Idea created by mbrenner on Apr 11, 2018
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    The problem is that the essay question in the Test-tool does not accept that student do a high stake longer written e-exam in Bb now. We have to have a question that save the text automatic (as in Google Docs and in I propose a light integration with (function Box Note) so the student can write online and the text is saved accurate 5-10 sec. This new Assignment or Test-question type is easy to implement for all parts, Bb, and the Customer.


    Now many of Bb customers have to have additional costly e-exam system as complement - dependence on one more system i a problem for grading, marking and handling the studenter exams and assigment, is not a good solution.


    Please investigate this easy solution and solve this problem with and launch this solution within 2018 or at latest in early spring 2019.


    I remain.


    /Mats Brenner, Bb Admin - University of Gävle (customer sinch 1998 with Bb Course Site and now Bb Learn..)

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