Expand achievements feature

Idea created by mdeeprose on Apr 11, 2018
    Under review

    The achievements feature is well liked at our institution but has not been expanded since it was first introduced.


    I would like to see achievements possible across multiple courses.


    And to have achievements leaderboards within courses/programmes/the institution.


    Talking to attendees at the BBTLC18 conference, the badges, achievements, and leaderboards on the community site are of keen interest and give a good example of the direction Blackboard achievements could be taken in.


    I would also like to see the ability to set up achievements at an institution level, so that they can be enabled by an instructor from a menu of preset options.  E.g. "marked an item as reviewed", marked 10 items as reviewed, achieved 10% higher than class average in running total etc.


    Those ideas are off the cuff but give an indication of the kind of things that might be of interest.


    Anyone who has other ideas of how achievements could be expanded / improved - please add comments below!

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