Add SNAP Search function to TOC in mobile view

Idea created by jim.gretch on Apr 9, 2018
    Under review

    One of the "selling points" of SNAP is its mobile-first design, as well as the ability to locate any item in previous or future sections simply by clicking on the Search icon in the Table of Contents, typing in the first few letters of the item's name, and selecting the suggested search result to navigate straight to the item.


    However, when demonstrating how user-friendly this approach is--even from a mobile device--I noticed the Table of Contents accessed from the round TOC button does not present a search option in mobile browsers like it does links to the section titles and the Course Dashboard.


    I would request adding access to search for content from the Table of Contents in the mobile view of a course since it would facilitate navigation for both students and instructors.


    It seems this important feature would not take up much space, while leaving it out leads to frustrated feedback from students who don't like having to tap and scroll through each section to locate a resource or activity on their tablets or smartphones.

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