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    Dear Blackboard Community Staff,


    I am a full-time faculty member in the Accounting & Taxation Department at Robert Morris University in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.  I inquired with my university Blackboard department on making a change in Blackboard.  The Blackboard staff at my school told me to direct my question to you.


    Here's my question...


    When students are taking exams online in Blackboard, one of the most stressful sights for them from the start of the exam, is to see the continuous remaining time digitally displayed at the top of the monitor screen throughout their exam time.  Is there any way that you can keep what is in Blackboard (the continuous remaining digitally displayed time counting down) but add an alternative for instructors???  The alternative selection would be to display the time ONLY when 15 minutes remained.  Then, the time can digitally display from that point on to no time remaining. 


    In my on-ground classes, I always announce to the students when 15 minutes remained and felt that procedure to be more comfortable versus 49 minutes remaining, 48 minutes remaining, 47 minutes remaining, and on and on. 


    This new request for online exams through Blackboard would parallel the on-ground exam environment.


    Appreciate any assistance in helping to complete this request to give students additional comfort in the online environment. 


    Please also feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.



    Thanks for your time and effort,


    Greg Krivacek, PhD, CPA, CGMA

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