Display Themes for Content Areas (StickyNotes)

Idea created by lowey.kevin on Apr 6, 2018
    Under review

    We have instructors using commercial products like "Padlet" to provide a virtual corkboard that students can post stickynotes on to collaborate.


    Currently Blackboard folders (content areas) display content very rigidly. You have the icon, title, and description for material added, where the title is the link to the specific tool.  That format could be displayed quite easily on a virtual "post-it note".


    Currently Bb folders have the ability to edit settings to control whether it should show icons, text, or both. It would be useful if this could be expanded to include other "themes", such as "corkboard" to display the material on the page as postit notes instead of the existing list.


    Combine that with my other suggestion about letting instructors enable the ability for students to edit specific content areas, and you would then be able to leverage the existing "content area" functionality as a "stickynote" app similar to Padlet or other tools.

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