Content areas: option to let students edit

Idea created by lowey.kevin on Apr 6, 2018
    Under review

    Many courses like to use collaborative learning techniques, where students in the course contribute material to the course. Currently Blackboard has some limited features, such as blogs, wikis, discussions, etc. that let student contribute. However instructors would like students to have more flexibility.


    My suggestion is to let instructors add a "Content Area" or "Folder" to a course but then turn on a "Student Editable" option. Any students entering that course would then have the equivalent of "course builder" capabilities but ONLY inside that folder (not the entire course).


    There might be a limit to what tools the students could add to that folder. Perhaps, for example, the "Content Area" could be implemented as an additional "group tool" for groups. Then students could add basic things like items, but then if other tools (like discussions or wikis, etc.) were enabled they would be able to use those tools while building their group content area.  Students in the group could then collaboratively build this part of the course within this folder.

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