Fix File Attachment Links in Announcement Emails

Idea created by st0069572 on Apr 4, 2018
    Under review

    Currently, if you attach a file via the paperclip icon in the Announcement text box, the file will open if the student clicks it from within blackboard.


    However, if you check the box to "send a copy immediately," the link in the resulting email about that notification will only open if the link, when clicked, opens in a web browser where you are already logged in. Otherwise the web browser itself will prompt you to log in and it doesn't accept your credentials. If you have a stock-Blackboard login, it will apparently work, per Blackboard support. But we use our own authentication so these links will never work and frustrates our students who try to log in this way.


    Additionally, if you *don't* check the box to "send a copy immediately," the notification email that goes out has a completely broken URL that does not open at all.


    It would be beneficial to several of our instructors if these links were fixed so they both went to a regular Blackboard login page for authentication, and opened correctly, from the link in the email.

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