Incorporate H5P package into Blackboard Learn as standard

Idea created by paul.irving on Mar 28, 2018
    Under review

    H5P is a HTML5 content package allowing for easy-to-use, mobile-friendly interactions. Types of interactions available through this package include accordion menus, flip cards, drag and drop interactions, memory games, quiz quizzes, image sequencing, and content presentation tools such as image sliders and interactive video overlays for YouTube embeds, etc. Through the website, you can create a series of interactions for free and, through a plug-in, the package can be exported to Moodle, Wordpress and Drupal sites for hosting of the files and interactions within a controlled environment. This package is available for download and incorporate for free owing to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licencing of the system.


    h5p example.jpg
    Example video


    My request is that H5P be incorporated into the Blackboard Learn package such that these interactions are available within the course page and relevant uploaded content (images, etc) be stored in the course's content collection. This could take the form of a mash-up, allowing the course builder to insert the interaction in the context of the study materials.


    I'd appreciate your consideration.

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