True Subject Line for Blackboard Emails and Announcements

Idea created by jt0069124 on Mar 27, 2018
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    Many teaching staff members at University of West London have commented on the fact that emails sent from Blackboard to students end up with the subject line taken over by the Blackboard course name they are sent from. The same applies to Announcement emails.

    For example, if an email is sent out, the subject line is preceded with the name of the Blackboard course and the true subject is tagged onto the end. This inevitably is never seen by students or seen too late because it's not considered urgent. Quite recently an academic sent an urgent email to students on a course and the following is what students were seeing in their inbox:

    ITMB Community Site (ITMBUS001E_ etc, ...


    What the colleague would have liked the students to see is the end of the subject line, i.e. "GSK 'MASTERCLASS' THURSDAY 3PM", so that they can read and respond to the email as soon as possible.

    This becomes a problem because the course title often is quite long which also include the course code and dates.


    Below is a screenshot of a test email to see what I mean:


    Emails subject lines.jpg


    It would be fantastic if an improvement could be introduced in one of Blackboard future upgrades whereby emails and announcements could display the true subject line at the beginning rather than the end.


    Thank you!


    ExPERT Academy, UWL

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