Connection Timeout Warning

Idea created by feeney.linda on Mar 23, 2018
    Under review

    We have been experiencing a rash of reports of users being "dumped out" of Blackboard. Part of this issue appears to be related to connection timeouts.


    Two specific examples...

    1. A faculty member begins grading student work and is interrupted for some period of time. The faculty member returns to work (e.g., making comments and scoring a rubric). When s/he clicks on save/submit, an error message is posted and the work is lost.

    2. A student begins work on test that has all questions delivered at one time. The test is open book. The student does a quick scan of the questions and then reviews the appropriate chapters, leaving the test open. The student then goes back to the test, selects responses, clicks on save/submit and receives an error message and responses are lost.


    As a consumer, I expect my bank, credit card, financial accounts, etc. to protect my information by timing out my session. However, if I am still in front of the computer, I also expect to get a warning along with the option to click on "Continue" to keep my connect alive.


    Blackboard desperately needs this feature.

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