Group by Terms - SaaS Ultra

Idea created by sb0047778 on Mar 22, 2018
    Under review

    Opening on behalf of NFSC.


    The current logic behind "Past Courses", "Current Courses", "Upcoming Courses" in the SaaS Ultra interface is too confusing for instructors.


    A course that belongs to a Term that is currently in session will automatically fall under "Current Courses", and be grouped with courses that belong to Terms or not and only gets separated out into Terms once the Term Duration is over.


    Similar to Customisation of course ordering in timeline

    It would be more useful for us if we could choose to group courses by Term, and then allow the admin to configure which terms are “past”, “current” and “future”, as well as the ordering of the timeline to make sure this fits the way we want users to view their courses.



    What else might be interesting to see would be an additional Left-Side Tab, perhaps called Terms. Instead of revamping the Courses Tab, Set up another one where instructors can see the current courses and terms they belong to, also providing them with the ability to show/hide Terms.


    The wish though is for more customization for instructors to edit the Course information that shows up in the Courses tab and just increases accessibility to everyone.



    Product Version (if applicable):1