Create Custom Course Themes

Idea created by bh25699 on Mar 21, 2018
    Under review

    We have a need to create/upload custom course themes to be used for 3rd party agencies wanting to "carry" their brand in the courses being delivered through our institution.


    Please take this under consideration.


    begin, custom Course Themes are unable to be added to Learn for use within a
    course. At this time, there is no ability to add course themes via the GUI, and
    even adding a custom course theme to the designated system folder on the
    back-end is unsupported. We have an article documenting this, and
    unfortunately, the "Target Release" section of the article is listed
    as "Will Not Fix". For reference, I have attached this article to the
    case, as well as placed a direct link below for your convenience.

    No Option for Blackboard to Recognize Custom Course Themes

    Article No.: 000038934




    Product Version (if applicable):0