Dear Blackboard, Please support the Bb Idea Exchange.

Idea created by sq0040254 on Mar 21, 2018
    Under review

    My colleagues and I were very excited to discover the Blackboard Idea Exchange. I submitted an idea on February 13, 2018 ("UDL Idea: auto-collapse of navigation menu") and it has not changed status in the month since.


    When I did some exploring, I discovered that I am not alone. There are ideas that are Under Review from early 2017. The items that are Open for Voting were all created 3 months ago.  The other obvious problem is that all the items that are Open for Voting are about one topic, New Box View. 


    I think the fact that the Recently Submitted ideas cover a wide range of features and are as recent as 4 hours ago, it is apparent that people want to use the system. 


    If the Idea Exchange was actively supported, I believe you would get a lot of activity on the site, but the ideas need to be made available for voting in a timely manner and cover a variety of features.


    If Blackboard chooses not to support the Idea Exchange, please provide an alternative. It is extremely important for the end users to think that Blackboard might consider their ideas about ways to improve the product and/or the user experience. 


    Thank you.


    UPDATE: On March 23 I had a Behind the Blackboard case closed - an issue that was "performing as designed" - but the technician added the statement that "I understand that designed is not the same as desired and the issue still affects the Institution." He then told me about submitting an idea to the Idea Exchange. I looked again, and nothing has changed. There has been no rotation of new ideas being made available for voting.

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