Assessements, please align the numbers/letters!

Idea created by christer.lassman on Mar 21, 2018
    Under review

    The case is not only a design matter it has also to do with accessibility. It makes tests look unprofessional. The case on Behind the Blackboard is over two years old (000041502)

    When doing the test the answer numberings are elevated and when getting the feedback the answer numberings are submerged.

    Currently we are running tests with over 150 multiple choice questions, some students who are taking these tests have dyslexia and this bug makes it difficult and exhausting for these students to complete the test. Hence this is a BIG priority for our University


    1. When setting up the test everything looks okay, everything is aligned (the text and the answer numbering):


    2. When I do the test, the answer numberings are elevated.


    3. When I get my feedback, they are submerged....



    Product Version (if applicable):0