Show Enterprise Survey Response Period Name to participants

Idea created by jm30214 on Mar 15, 2018
    Under review

    Currently, when we deploy a survey it just shows the name of the survey at the top of the course. This is an issue for us since we have multiple instructors in a course. As a workaround we create separate surveys with instructor names so the students know who they are evaluating, but this creates reporting issues because some of our colleges want to combine/compare instructor scores on survey questions using the built in report mechanism.


    To fix this I suggest adding a radio button on the Notify tab of response period creation page. This radio button could say "Show Response Period Name in Place of Survey Name".


    1. Image showing new checkboxrpname-checkbox.png

    2.Image demonstrating change in MyBlackboard notification.


    3. Image demonstrating change at the top of the course page.


    4. In addition, when checking the new checkbox it should change _INSTRUMENT.NAME_ to __DEPLOYMENT.NAME__ in the Subject and Message box if the deployer checks the Email notification method.



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