BB Collaborate Ultra - Mute session when using the App

Idea created by bjgreen on Mar 15, 2018
    Under review

    It would be really helpful to be able to mute a session in the app (both Blackboard, and Blackboard Instructor), for example, so that participants/presenters can access a Collab session when in-class, to post to the Chat, write on the whiteboard, respond to polls etc, WITHOUT having to plug in a headset, as currently you cannot mute in the app.


    Until Autumn last year, we definitely used to be able to paste the URL for a session into Chrome for iPad, and mute from there, but pasting the link into Chrome for iPad now just takes you to Join session with the Blackboard app, or Blackboard Instructor app only, where you can't mute it.  This means that I can't encourage mobile participation in-class, as the audio feedback from devices in the same room is awful!


    Also if you now click the link to a session (say from Blackboard, or on an email) you are given the option to Join session with Blackboard (app) or Blackboard Instructor (app), or 'Don't want to install the app? Join from a browser'- but clicking the latter gives the message 'Oh no! It looks like you don't have Flash player installed or your browser is blocking it. Please install Adobe Flash Player' - which you can't do on an iPad.


    Help - Mute needed in the app(s) for Collab Ultra sessions!  Thank you :-)

    Product Version (if applicable):1