Allow resizing/cropping/aspect ratio correction when uploading a staff profile

Idea created by mdeeprose on Mar 13, 2018
    Under review

    When a user creates a staff profile they may add an image.  The image should be 150x150 in size, and therefore in the shape of a square.


    If a user uploads a picture of a different shape or size than that which Blackboard desires, the image will be squashed to fit the 150x150 size:




    The original image looked like this:



    In 2018 most users will be used to websites offering to crop or adjust their image to suit the way it will be shown in their profile. 


    My idea is for Blackboard to use this kind of feature where when a member of staff uploads a staff profile that they system will help them to have a picture that is not stretched.  For example in LinkedIn when you upload a photo you are given the ability to resize and crop to make the photo suit the way it is presented on the site.


    I believe it is unreasonable to expect any staff using Blackboard to have the skill to use a photo editing program to crop their photograph.  Many staff are sensitive about the image they present to their students.  A VLE/LMS should enable teaching staff to present themselves and their content in the best way possible.

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