Make HTML5 video the default method when adding a video

Idea created by mdeeprose on Mar 13, 2018
    Under review

    The HTML5 playback feature for audio/video clips is very good.  It means that with a modern browser the end user need not be concerned about having the right plug in for watching a video clip.


    Hover this feature is not what is used when a user uses the Add Video or Add Audio option shown here:


    Using this option with a standard MP4 clip and then viewing the outcome in Chrome results in:


    which is no good to anyone.


    Instead to use the HTML5 video feature you have to go via Add content item -> Embed video and select HTML5:





    This fantastic feature is hidden to the average user who will assume that the right thing to do is to click Build Content - > Video.


    So my "idea" is that when you click Build Content - > Video or Audio it should use the HTML5 video/audio feature rather than the current method which does not seem to work well with modern web browsers.

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