Discussions: Break up student created and instructor created discussions

Idea created by th0048134 on Mar 8, 2018
    Under review

    At the moment within the discussions option on the top right of an Ultra course, students are able to post new discussions wherever they want.


    This is a major problem when trying to utilize discussions for summative assessments - instructor made, marked discussions quickly become hidden and lost amongst tons of "new discussion [date]" created by students (named this way because the name field is not clear for the casual user) - example below:


    Currently this is working "as intended", I would like to see this changed so discussions are split into two areas - instructor discussions (for marked discussions), and student discussions for when they want to chat amongst themselves.


    You can do this manually by making two folders and then sorting each discussion post into the various folders - however this is a time consuming task and would be up to each instructor to do so regularly - this causes more and more overhead on tutors - (as we all know, it is unreasonable to expect students to create discussions within the proper folder...) -


    Ideal discussion structure below:



    Please make it so if you create discussion folders within the discussions page, you can tag a folder which would allow students to post entirely new discussions within it, otherwise they should only be able to post replies to seeded discussions.


    Ease of use of the discussions tool is very important for students, especially distance students; - if they know they have to do x number of discussion activities, but can't find them, they will switch off and not engage.

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