Grading without the requirement of posting a product

Idea created by wouter.hustinx on Mar 4, 2018
    Under review


    When you make an assignment, the Blackboard-system requires that the student posts one or more products, in order to start the grading process.

    This is a problem when students do an internship in a real-life context (ag. a business company). The teachers goes several times to that company to do an observation of the student, to interview the students, to interview the company-coach, etc. So in this use-case, the student doesn’t make a product in Blackboard. So for now, we can’t make an interim of final grade and feedback in the Grade Center.



    We would like to start the grading process without the necessity that the student posts one or more products.

    We would like to have all the grading functionalities as if the student posted a product (like rubrics).

    It would also be very useful that the teacher can make one or more interim grades and a final grade. This is similar like ‘multiple attempts’, except from the fact that the student doesn’t have to post a product.

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