Enhanced dialogue about assessment

Idea created by js0056397 on Mar 2, 2018
    Under review

    When working with assignments there is a specific workflow related to communication about the hand-in. The available steps/points in the communication flow is as follows:

    1. The teacher's instructions for that specific assignment
    2. The comment a student adds when handing in the assignment
    3. The "Feedback to learner" that the teacher writes when grading the assignment.

    Today, if a student has a follow-up question after step 3 above regarding the assessment they have to go to a separate tool, Course Messages, to send a message to a teacher. Beside the obvious side-effect of having to navigate from the feedback to initiate a discuss about the feedback, it is also a definite disadvantage that the correspondence about that assignment is not included in that conversation.


    I would like to propose an additional step here, where the student can initiate a discussion directly from where he/she read the feedback. Given that the teacher side of things is designed to be able to update that "Feedback" I think that using Course Messages is still a viable option, but what this suggestion does is shortening the perceived distance between the received feedback and Course Messages. The added button in the attached concept design would simply create a new Course Message, perhaps even with the teacher's feedback included as context.

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