Make BbC captioning setup/connection better

Idea created by captionerannea on Mar 1, 2018
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    I am a closed captioner and provide realtime captions on a daily basis to tons of different clients, using several different platforms.  Blackboard is my least favorite, because of the way we have to get our captions into the system.  Well, actually, it's what happens AFTER we are sending captions to the system that frustrates me.

    With BbC, captioners have to do something called "Output to Steno Keys" - which basically means our captions will go to wherever our cursor is "active."  - So, not only do we have to be intentional to make sure that our cursor is in the caption window, but during a live session, if the host does a poll or shows a demonstration or anything that opens a new window, it "takes" the cursor away from the caption window, because a new window has taken priority.  So, at this point, captions are no longer streaming to the caption window.  The captioner has to stop captioning, close the poll, or whatever other window, and then re-place the cursor in the caption window to resume captions.  By this time, the captions are messed up and behind from what the speaker was talking about.

    It's very frustrating and could be done a better way.  I ask anyone in this community that knows what I'm talking about to please try to figure out a better way of getting captions into the platform.  Our other, most-often used, output options are Caseview, and ASCII/ANSI...and work much better!  There's also a program called Streamtext that you might look into integrating with.  I'm sure there are other ways that I do not know about, but having us do it this way is not the best way.


    Thank you for looking into this and considering a better way,

    From a "perfectionist" captioner

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