One Institutional Database for Entire Campus

Idea created by rh22333 on Feb 28, 2018
    Under review

    While this may be a real niche request, we have both Moodle and Blackboard LMS's on our campus.  The Moodle system people asked about adding the SafeAssign integration to their system. It turns out that if they add the integration, Blackboard will create a new institutional database for the Moodle users on our campus. Sigh, our students are all on one campus, use both platforms, and share files cross classes so a paper can be turned in to both systems with no cross referencing.  Our legal office which is full of really smart people told us that we can not mandate that the students put their papers in the global database and they can do so only voluntarily.


    Solution would be an institutional database that serves the institution and not the LMS system users only.


    Rick Hazlewood

    University of Illinois

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