Request to Fix Issues with Inserting Images in Latest CU Release

Idea created by kevinoconnor on Feb 27, 2018
    Under review

    We upgraded from Q2 2017 CU2 to Q2 2017 CU5 in January. Since then, chevrons have been appearing beside images in items, folders & blank pages. Also any text etc. after an image appears on a new line. This has broken existing formatting and the down arrow is confusing for instructors as it is also visible in student preview.


    See example screenshot of a Blank Page homepage for a course: Before we upgraded, the Chrome and Firefox logos were on the same line as were the Internet Explorer and Safari images and there were no down arrows next to the images.


    Related BTBB Articles: #000048014 ‘With edit mode off Chevrons still Appear next to Images’ &  #000048025 'Line Break is Added After Embedded Files in VTBE.'


    These bugs make it difficult for instructors to create visually appealing course pages. They were introduced in the latest CUs, can they be fixed in a future CU for Q2 2017 & other Learn releases?

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