Blackboard collaborate Ultra Admin Pages

Idea created by ma0069217 on Feb 25, 2018
    Under review

    To enhance Blackboard collaborate ultra admin part I suggest the below features and pages to be added to the SAS admin site or a new admin page inside BB learn



    Search and Filter Features

    1. Admin can search any term and get results of sessions from all courses located in the BB learn
    2. Result should contain session details, BB Learn course ID, instructor name and instructor status
    3. Admin can filter or view list of all collaborate sessions depending on 3 states
      1. previous sessions
      2. current sessions
      3. future sessions
    4. Admin can access any currently running session directly from search page by pressing a join or view link





    1. In the search results for reports, admin should get a BB learn course ID and instructor name as a part search result so that he can identify which collaborate session is belonging to which BB Learn course in addition to instructor name




    Adding a monitor page which displays information for all currently running sessions with two display modes (list and grid) both display modes should include the following

    1. Session details

    2. BB learn course ID

    3. Instructor name and status (Idle, Active, Speaking, joined, left, not joined yet)

    4. Thumbnail refreshes every X minutes shows a screenshot of the running session

    5. Ability to end any running session

    6. Ability to join the session as moderator from a join link

    7. Ability to dismes all students from the session

    Product Version (if applicable):1