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    How do your curve?

    What is the most fair and efficient way of doing it?

    I am here to share with you what I have discovered.

    Yes! I do mean efficient. Less than 10 seconds, no matter what the class size is. 10 students or 10 million students.

    I have been doing this for over a year. It works well.

    First, I would like to begin by going over how i was taught to curving grade. Next I will share with you my technique.

    I was taught to add points to each and all your student using excel or manually.

    What if you have 200 students? That is time consuming and unfair.

    What if someone got a 1/100 on an exam? If you give his person any point it is unfair to other. If you decided to give everyone 20 points for what ever reason, the person who got a 1 point ended up with 20 points for free. That is a huge jump in the grade.

    Yes it is true that student like free points because they don’t have to work for it. By doing this too often student may intentionally do bad on a set of questions, so they could get free bonus points that they did not even work for.

    Here is how I do it. I remove the number of question from the total.

    For example: a student score 75/100 = 75%          remove 20 from the total 75/80 = 94%

    For example: a student score 1/100 = 1%               remove 20 from the total 1/80 = 1.2%


    Students that score the points get to keep the points. Those that did not score the points did not get free points.


    This example is very similar to 80 questions test with a 20 bonus questions.


    Simply tell your students, there are some bonus questions in the test.


    Once the test is graded, enter the score that student earn in blackboard. (not the %)

    you can decide how many questions to remove from the total or turn them in to bonus question.

    change your possible points to the amount that you would like to curve. Blackboard will do everything else for you.


    Let me know what you think. If this is something new, please share this with all instructor.

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