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    Interestingly, 'no ideas' came up immediately - why? Who in our individual communities are positioning themselves to understand and realize the knowledge and professional expertise of our seniors 'and the genuine passion and devotion of  professional seniors?  Seniors are Creative and Bursting With Ideas, Concepts, Methods and Solutions! Senior have been involved and given of themselves to almost every industry within our Country and Communities.


    Education is a Life-Time Passionate Journey! Practical Methods and Solutions Must Be Understood and Recognized for Students to Fulfill Their Who They Are and For A  Complete Life with  Success. It is Time for Professional Seniors To Shine and For Education such as Black Board Community To Lead The Way!


    Let us Engage and Brainstorm With Ideas and Solutions! Create The Extraordinary and Revolutionary Tools For Developing a  Specialized Program for: Professionals Seniors and Students - Mentoring and Working Together!


    Please contact us immediately to engage and expand with specific ideas and solutions.


    Believe in Our Dreams and Passionately Make Them Happen!


    Rhoda Gelman

    Robert F. Friedman

    Personal & Business Opportunities

    Universal Public Relations & Communications



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