Collaborate Ultra B2 - Allow advance access for instructors

Idea created by tg0047770 on Feb 20, 2018
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    I'm not sure if this has been covered previously or not. I couldn't find this in the community, but apologies if I'm doubling up.


    Here is the scenario - A user is enrolled as an instructor on a Blackboard Learn 9.1 Course. They set up the Collaborate Ultra tool as a Tool link to provide all enrolled users access to the Collaborate Ultra Scheduler.


    They are recognised as an instructor role and are able to create new sessions in the scheduler, which they do. They create a new session and give it a start time of 9am next Wednesday. They now want to enter the session and upload all of their presentation files, taking advantage of the persistent content feature which keeps all of their files in that session, so that they are ready to go as soon as they enter the session as a moderator. They are running sessions back to back, so do not have time to do it when the session starts.


    Unfortunately, the newly created session does not allow them to enter. The link is greyed out and until the start time is reached, they are limited to the [15 minute] early access which applies to all users, regardless of role. They have to edit the session, change the start time, enter the session, upload files, then exit and edit the start time again.


    This idea is to provide an option for the course instructor role to enter future scheduled sessions from the Ultra Scheduler in Blackboard Learn prior to the session start time. This would allow them to upload files in advance. I would have suggested an option to upload files to a session directly from the scheduler, but my instructor users will want to check that the files have uploaded ok and see how they display too. They are an organised bunch.


    Similarly, it would be good if the Collab Ultra SAS interface allowed the session owner to do the same.


    Is this possible and worthy of looking into?



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