Mobile App Time zone

Idea created by amk073 on Feb 14, 2018
    Under review

    I just wanted to offer a suggestion for your Android app. I am an online student at Sam Houston State University pursuing a Master's in Information Assurance and Security. I live in Connecticut, but your app helps me keep up with classes in Texas. So thanks for that! One suggestion I'd offer though is in the due dates section you take into account the device's time zone. If I have my time zone set automatically as is the default, the due dates all seem to be one day later because most professors set the due date at 11:59 PM in central time. So far I have kept up and it has not caused me to miss a due date, but I feel OCD because I always feel the need to double and triple check the dates. Only other one, and it's a small thing is that the grade calculations don't work if the professor puts an assignment that does not have points. I attached a screenshot of that. Again, aside from this I find the app very useful but it would be even more convenient to use with these tweaks.

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