UDL Idea: auto-collapse of navigation menu

Idea created by sq0040254 on Feb 13, 2018
    Under review

    We have heard concerns from users with disabilities and people who support them about the new feature where the course menu closes to allow more of the content area to be visible on smaller screens.


    Our request is to have an option for users to ‘keep menu visible’ when using Blackboard.


    There are at least three types of users who have difficulty with this feature:

    1) users with low vision who have difficulty seeing the arrow to open the menu

    2) users with limited fine motor skills who have difficulty mousing to the precise spot

    3) a user with motion sensitivity for whom the animation of the menu sliding off to the left each time she opens a new page causes severe headaches.


    We believe all users would benefit from a ‘keep menu visible’ option having two choices: 1) always keep the menu visible (every time this user logs in) and 2) keep the menu visible for just this visit, which would be useful to users who use a smaller screen from time-to-time.


    Thank you.

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