Idea created by jsand40 on Feb 11, 2018
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    The concept Mr. Sanders has envisioned is the Smart Desk, a reimagined use of the current school desk that implements a touchscreen with a CPU and a fingerprint scanner to increase teacher effectiveness and improve student engagement.

    As of now, teachers are spending more than enough time doing clerical work and arranging student’s work into groups and individually addressing them, but Mr. Sanders hopes that in the future his product will give the teacher the option of an organized way to assign and collect assignments right from the device and increase productivity by both the student and the teacher.



    The Smart Desk, a modern desk that allows for efficiency and improved accuracy in testing, grading, feedback, and writing to name a few, all with limited printing or none at all. It allows teachers to closely monitor the progress of each student, lets them have the access to give real time feedback, and allows students to have individual access to the reading material that falls in their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD).

    The device will allow students to sign in with their fingerprints and have access to customized lessons and assessments personalized by their teachers using analytics. This will greatly decrease the need for paper usage and textbooks as the Smart Desk permits work to be done and submitted straight from the device.



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