Group Submission of tests

Idea created by ldonforth on Feb 8, 2018
    Under review

    The group submission functionality needs to be extended to tests, not just assignments; because tests can be auto-graded.


    Blackboard seems to be REALLY close, but not quite there.


    If I create groups of students, I can make group assignments.

    Assessment -> Assignment -> Submission Details ->Group Submission

    One student submitting work can be viewed by everyone in the group.

    Everyone gets the same grade automatically. If multiple attempts are allowed, students can update the submission, see previous attempts, etc. Its pretty robust and functional.




    It's only an option for Assignment, not for the other three options under Assessments.


    It should definitely be an option for Tests.


    This is necessary for when you're using discussion groups working on problems together, and want them to have immediate feedback as they go around. Imagine you have a ~100 person class, and want them talking and working together in groups of 3. With 30+ groups and real time discussion, you can't grade everything on the fly; and having every student in the group submit individually defeats the emphasis on group work, collaboration, consensus, and discussion.


    We want the students to talk about a problem, and then submit an answer AS A GROUP, and then get feedback on that answer as a group. They should all receive the same score, and they should all be able to review the answer later. And it should happen without an instructor having to go through and grade all 30+ groups worth of questions.


    Blackboard seems to have all the pieces to do this, auto-graded tests and group submissions; but those pieces don't play well together.

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