Moderation tools in Blackboard (tests)?

Idea created by s.j.beale on Feb 8, 2018
    Under review



    I'd like to have a system whereby staff users can submit responses to a Blackboard test and view others' responses anonymously. This would allow for efficient moderation.


    What I am planning to do is create a standalone module for staff training, adding them as student users, and then make a test. Unfortunately, I can't do it as a survey as it won't show results or a total. The test score totals will be irrelevant as it will simply be a way of allowing staff to see each other's scores and to see if they are close to what grades other staff members have given the same piece of work.


    I can see how to make it show median/average grades to users - this should work but the confusion with staff being told that they have got 'wrong' answers makes things confusing.


    I have also looked into Turnitin/GradeMark/Feedback Studio and the moderation tools are rather pitiful - maximum is for 2 markers and suggestions online are to "ignore the other marker's comments until the end" - no thanks!


    Any suggestions on this would be appreciated!


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